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Welcome to Redrock Commercial Finance

Established in 2011, Redrock Commercial Finance provides bridging loans and development finance packages to individuals, companies, and charities.

We work to find the most competitive funding deals on the most favourable terms for all clients, regardless of your credit history (arrears, defaults, and CCJs accepted).

What is a bridge loan? Why should you choose one?

A bridging loan is a short-term secured financial product used to fund the period of time between one event and another.

For example, if you wish to purchase land to build property on, you would use a bridging loan to pay for the land, the building materials, and the labour required. Upon completion of the project, you would then arrange a standard mortgage on your new property which you would use to pay off the bridging loan.

Bridging loans can be used on a variety of different property-related projects and to provide funding for non-property-related reasons – for example, paying off an overdue debt or providing working capital to a business.

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Types of bridging loan finance

Residential bridging loans

Residential bridging loans are used by homemovers, investors, landlords, and developers to:

  • purchase residential property,
  • purchase holiday or retirement property,
  • provide protection against breaks in property chains,
  • allow for the speedy purchase of property where the seller is putting pressure on to complete, and
  • to raise funds for any personal or business reason.

Borrow up to 80% of the value of the property you intend to purchase. Loans from £26,000 available from just 0.45% per month interest.

Emergency loans

Individuals and companies may access from £26,000 to £200,000 in cash with an emergency bridging loan for any reason including:

  • the payment of taxes to HMRC
  • settling of outstanding personal and business debts
  • the halting of bankruptcy or repossession orders
  • unexpected expenditure
  • probate issues
  • inheritance tax and stamp duty liabilities
  • investment in a time-sensitive opportunity or in business plant, machinery, and equipment.

Commercial bridging loans

Commercial bridging loans can be used to purchase:

  • commercial property (including care homes, factories, hotels, offices, restaurants, shops, and warehouses)
  • semi-commercial property (including offices, retail units, public houses, restaurants, shops in which less than 40% of the floor space is residential and in which you’ll never live)
  • land (including agricultural and farmland, development land with planning permission, and land without planning permission)

Second charge commercial loans can be obtained using the equity in commercial property you already own for a variety of different non-property-related purchases.

Refurbishment finance

Contact Redrock Commercial Finance about the two types of refurbishment finance we offer:

  • Light refurbishment loans may be used for the installation of new windows, a new kitchen, a new bathroom, electrical rewiring, improvements to the outside spaces, and redecoration.
  • Heavy refurbishment loans are used for projects where significant structural changes to a property will be made, projects requiring planning permission to be obtained, and for project requiring compliance with Building Regs.

Funding available to pay for the property as it is now with or without additional finance for the refurbishment work.

Second charge bridging loans

Second charge bridging loans are secured on the equity in residential or commercial property you own:

  • to fund renovations
  • to pay for the purchase of additional investment property
  • to release funding from projects for cash flow or for further property purchase
  • to raise funding for other purposes not related to property.

Popular with homeowners, landlords, investors, developers, and business owners.

Regulated bridging loans

Redrock Commercial Finance is an FCA regulated bridging loan broker. We offer regulated bridging loans to homeowners wishing to offer their primary residential property as security.

Don’t choose a mortgage broker for a bridging loan - bridging loan mortgage brokers are generally experts in finding mortgages rather than bridging loans. Use a specialist bridging loan broker like Redrock to access the best deals across the whole of the market.

We will approach our panel of specialist bridging loan providers to find funding of £26,000 or more over a 12 month period with the monthly interest rate starting from 0.45% per annum.

Refinance bridging loans

Popular with existing bridging loan borrowers who need more time to complete their project or to find the funding required to repay their current lending facility as it approaches expiry.

If you’re unhappy with your existing bridging loan and you want us to search for a deal with a lower interest rate and on more favourable terms, please get in touch.

We’re often able to refinance the entire amount of your original bridging loan thanks to the close working relationship we have with niche lenders operating in this sector.

Land bridging finance

Popular with investors, developers, business owners, self-builders, and clients requiring quick access to funding, the land bridging loans we lend are used to:

  • purchase land with no planning permission as a speculative investment
  • purchase land with planning permission for the construction of residential, mixed-use, or commercial property to sell on or let/lease out
  • repay debts to HMRC and other creditors
  • provide liquidity for businesses and finance to invest in plant, machinery, and equipment.

Funding for up to 24 months from £26,000 at a maximum LTV of 80%.

Auction finance

Used to fund the purchase of residential, commercial, and mixed-use property or land at auction where the intention is to:

  • use the property as a primary residence
  • rent out the property to tenants (domestic and commercial)
  • renovate the property to unlock value and sell on

Funding from £26,000 over up to 2 years (1 year if property purchased will become the primary residence of the borrower). Interest rates from 0.45% per month.

Bridging loan broker UK - Applying through Redrock


Get in touch with us by phone or via the contact page on our site. When you speak with us, let us how much you need to borrow, over what length of time, and for what purpose.


We’ll be able to give you an indication almost immediately on whether we’ll be able to find a lender for you. If we can, you should receive a lender in-principle “yes” within 3 hours.

Valuations & legal

The lender will instruct a surveyor to value the property or land being offered as security. Your solicitors and the lender’s solicitors will then start preparing the necessary paperwork.


Upon receipt of a satisfactory valuation and your completed documentation, you should be able to draw down funds within 5 to 14 days of your initial application.


Development finance options

Light development finance

Used for smaller developments including:

  • heavy refurbishment (including structural work),
  • change of use conversions,
  • permitted developments, and
  • ground-up developments of two units or more.

Development exit finance

At the end of a project, use development exit finance bridging loans to:

  • realise your return faster on the likely selling price of the property before they appear on the open market
  • lower your project finance costs (bridging loans are often cheaper than development finance)
  • release capital from completed projects to be used on other projects

Commercial development finance

Fund commercial and semi-commercial development projects with Redrock Commercial Finance.

The commercial property you develop may be used either for your company to trade from or to let out to other businesses.

A pre-let is not required for a commercial property development project intended for letting out. We work with a handful of lenders willing to fund this type of project – let us make the business case to those lenders on your behalf.

Build to let development finance

There are now over 155,000 housing units in the UK because of build to let developments in the last decade.

With a build to let development, the developer has no intention of selling the property either as a whole or in units to tenants or to investors. Their primary purpose is to provide a source of ongoing revenue to the speculator and an asset against which borrowing can be secured for future projects.

We have a great deal of experience in this sector – please contact us for more.

Senior development finance

Redrock work with developers and construction companies on larger projects and, in addition to senior development finance, we’re able to offer:

  • stretched senior development finance – when a higher than normal LTV is required, and
  • super stretch development finance – requiring the lowest LTV through the combination of a stretched senior development loan and a mezzanine development finance facility.

Mezzanine development finance

Fund the gap between what you have available as a deposit and the size of a facility offered to you with a development finance loan.

Mezzanine development finance is useful for developers wishing to pledge as little of their own cash up front as possible to a project so that they can maximise their returns at completion.

Bridging loan broker vs bridging loan providers

There are more bridging loan lenders in the UK than ever before meaning there is a lot of competition between bridging loan companies to offer the best deals.

Why choose Redrock over other bridging loan brokers? We offer our borrowers access to the whole of the market including to lenders which don’t accept direct applications from borrowers.

We encourage you to consider the best bridging loan broker for you as a broker, like Redrock, who only offer bridging loans and development finance. Unlike many other brokers, we have not branched out into different areas of personal and commercial finance – we focus solely on the markets in which our team are experts with a view to providing clients with the best service and most favourable outcomes.

Thinking about using a bridging loan mortgage broker? Try us first – most bridging loan mortgage brokers are experts in finding mortgages with bridging loans being a bolt-on to their business.

Bridging loan brokers for London and the UK

Redrock provides bridging loans and development finance for our clients in London and across the UK.

Development finance interest rates

Bridging loan rates start from as little as 0.45% per month. The bridging loan interest rate you pay is determined by a number of factors – in the case of borrowers requiring funding for property which they intend to let out or renovate or sell on or for which they have a development project planned, the more experience you have, the lower your bridging loan cost.

For an indication on the monthly and overall interest costs of a bridging loan, click for our bridging loan calculator.

Bridging loan brokers UK – get in touch

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