In-principle decision from lenders within 3 hours

On many of the packages we offer, borrowers may draw down from their new facility within 5-14 working days.

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Widest range of bridging loans and development finance options

We offer a wide range of bridging loan products to borrowers including residential bridging loans, commercial bridging loans, emergency bridging loans, regulated bridging loans, land bridging loans, auction finance, refinance bridging loans, second charge bridging loans, and refurbishment bridging loans.

Our development finance packages include light development finance, senior development finance, stretched senior development finance, super stretch development finance, commercial development finance, build to let development finance, mezzanine development finance, and development exit finance.

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Redrock – a leading UK bridging loan and development broker

Redrock Commercial Finance organise fast and affordable short-term bridging loans on residential and commercial property projects. We also raise funds quickly for clients using bridging loans which are secured on property you already own.

We are an independent and specialist bridging loan company

Redrock was established in 2011 and our in-house team has over 60 years of combined industry experience between them. We are an independent specialist financial broker company offering whole of market access to borrowers.

We find deals for borrowers with simple or complex funding needs – whatever your idea, please get in touch. We also help clients who have little or no experience in securing bridging loans and development finance and we offer transparent help and advice so that you make the decision which is right for you.

We take the time needed to understand the reason you require funding and we research all of the possible options available for our customers to make sure you are getting the best funding package.

We have productive and established working partnerships with an extensive panel of lenders and the strength of these partnerships mean that we are able to secure immediate decisions on loans allowing you to progress a property deal quickly.

Redrock have fast turnaround times and are competitively priced

We provide clients with competitively priced loans with very quick turn-arounds to provide you with the funding that you require when time is of the essence.

From using our bridging loan calculator to applying for finance right through to helping your with loan exit strategy, we work quickly and accurately to make sure that each step taken is efficient and smooth. We understand that you have many other things competing for your time – we’ll only contact you when absolutely necessary.

We would welcome the chance to discuss your current and future funding needs in order to secure the most suitable financial package for you. Call us on 020 3780 7610 or click here to contact us online.

What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short-term loan used to ‘bridge’ the gap between two events when funding is required to get from one stage to the next.

Bridging loans are taken out over a much shorter amount of time than standard secured borrowing – approximately 3 to 24 months. Bridging loans differ from mortgages because you do not pay them back monthly. Instead, you make full payment at the end of the term of the loan or before.

For example, many borrowers use bridging loans to both pay for and renovate property before they find a buy-to-let mortgage to rent it out or they choose to sell it on the open market.

Most bridging loans are secured against rental property or commercial property and they are unregulated. If you wish to use your primary residential property as security, this will be a regulated bridging loan.

Redrock offer a wide range of bridging loan and development funding packages

Here at Redrock, we understand that every funding request is different. Whether you’re borrowing money to fund a property project or for another purpose, we see our role in the process as making sure that you have the choice of a bridging loan which makes commercial sense to you and which offers you the lowest rates possible on the most favourable terms.

Redrock offer the following bridging loan and development finance solutions:

Development finance

Development finance is a short-term funding option allowing investors and developers to increase the value of residential or commercial property by developing it structurally or aesthetically.

It may also used for the initial purchase of property if you require the funds to take ownership and then to pay for the renovation, refurbishment, or development work required.

Auction finance

Auction finance bridging loan is a fast-turnaround and competitively-priced funding solution available to home movers, investors, landlords, and developers purchasing auction property either at an auction house or online.

Land bridging loans

Redrock offers land bridging finance packages to investors and developers for the acquisition of land.

Whether or not there is planning permission on the land already, we are still able to find a lender to work with you subject to the proposed exit plan.

Refinance bridging loans

A refinance bridging loan is an option for borrowers whose existing bridging loan is approaching repayment date where the borrower believes that the original exit of the loan won’t be achieved in time.

For example, if a landlord purchases a buy-to-let property which requires an extensive schedule of renovation prior to securing tenants but they are unlikely to complete that renovation by the expiry date of the original bridging loan, that bridging loan may be refinanced with a new one.

Regulated bridging boans

Regulated bridging loans are used by homeowners to raise funds from the equity which a borrower has accrued in their primary residential property.

They are most frequently used for self-build projects, to purchase new primary residential property when a seller is pressuring them to complete, or to purchase new primary residential property when there is a danger of a chain break. They may also be used for fund raising.

Second charge bridging loans

A second charge bridging loan is secured on the equity of any property you own. Equity is the difference between the value of your property and the outstanding balance on your mortgage.

Second charge loans are more frequently sought to raise funds for a wide variety of purposes, for the renovation or extension of existing primary residential property, or to purchase property for investment purposes.

Refurbishment bridging loans

A refurbishment bridging loan is used to finance the purchase and refurbishment of residential, mixed-use, or commercial property prior to selling it on or renting it out to tenants.

Borrowers may request financing for the purchase of the property as it is now with or without further funding for the refubishment of the property they intend to purchase.

Try our bridging loan calculator

Redrock offer an online bridging loan calculator to provide you with an instant indication of the likely cost of monthly and overall interest on the funding you wish to raise.

After you’ve entered the amount you wish to borrow and the length of time you will need for the loan, we’ll email you straight away with a transparent breakdown of costs and interest rates.

Click here to try our bridging loan calculator. This is a free, no obligation and confidential service.

Why choose Redrock?

Redrock’s team has a combined 60 years of experience arranging bridging loans and development finance for borrowers. Whether the structure of the security you propose to offer for funding is straightforward or complex, we connect you with the lenders most likely to offer you the finance you require at the most competitive rates and on the best terms.

It’s all in the detail

We understand how important the finance you’re requesting is and that, on most occasions, you need a decision almost immediately and the shortest possible wait to draw down the funding you’ve requested.

This is particularly important for borrowers who require access to a significant amount of capital where the security structure you’re offering is complex – for example, across multiple properties.

Since our formation in 2011, we have developed, in partnership with the lenders on our panel, the quickest and most robust deal progression system designed to speed up the provision of the funding to borrowers.

At all points, we know what documentation and information is needed during the application, verification, and completion stages. We liaise with all parties during the process for the most friction-free transaction – from the lender to the solicitors to the valuers.

Focused on the borrower

Our clients are professional people and we understand that you want us to manage as much as the process as possible.

You have plenty of other tasks competing for your attention and you will not appreciate being constantly contacted by us about your deal.

We appreciate that so, when we do contact you, we’ll ask you for everything we need at one time to progress the deal at its current stage. You’ll have to give us permission beforehand but we’ll deal direct with your accountants and solicitors if you want us to so that they can provide us with what we need.

Of course, you can contact how and whenever you need to – you have a named account manager who takes responsibility for the progression of the deal from initial enquiry through to completion. If you have any questions or concerns at any stage, please contact them by phone or email during office hours.

Our after-deal progress management is here to help you

Nearly one in five bridging loan and development finance facility requires refinancing because a borrower is unable to repay their original facility back in time.

When your bridging loan or development finance package has completed, your account manager changes role to become your exit progression manager. Every so often, s/he’ll contact you to enquire about the progress to timetable on your project and they’ll share their experience and insight about how to get a project back on track.

For those cases where a borrower of ours is genuinely concerned that they will not be able to repay their current facility back in time, we’ll let you know what your options are then. If necessary, we can arrange a refinancing of your bridging loan or development finance package at competitive rates to give you the additional time you need.

Redrock offer whole of market service

There has never been more competition in the bridging loan or development finance sector than there is now. In recent years in addition to the traditional lenders in this market, more specialist lenders, private banks, international financial institutions, and High Street banks now offer a range of competitive products aimed at particular types of borrowers.

When a new lender enters the market, we immediately contact them to start a working relationship with them meaning that all of our borrowers have access to the widest variety of deals available.

Help, guidance and financial packages from Redrock

We would welcome the opportunity to talk through your current and future bridging loan or development finance requirements to see how we can help. Click here for our online contact form, or call us on 020 3780 7610.