First and second charge commercial bridging loans from 0.75%pm

Commercial bridge loans available on a first/second charge with a term of up to 24 months

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Bridging loans for commercial property

Bridging loans are used to purchase commercial property for borrowers to trade from, to rent out to other businesses, or to add value to and sell on. In many cases, the commercial bridging loans we arrange for clients also fund any refurbishment, renovation, or conversion work required post-completion.

Redrock Commercial Finance works successfully with investors, developers, landlords, and business owners by providing them with the commercial bridging loans they need.

Need to raise funds? You can use the equity in the commercial property you own to release cash for whatever reason you require it.

Funding is available over a period of 3 to 24 months at a monthly interest rate from just 0.75%. We can secure an offer for you within just three hours with draw down of cash in as little as five to fourteen working days from your initial enquiry.

Commercial bridging loans UK from Redrock


Let us know about your forthcoming property project or the reason you require funding by calling us or using our contact form.


Once we have the details we need, we can secure an in-principle decision from a lender within just 3 hours from initial contact.

Valuations & legal

Your lenders instruct a surveyor to perform a valuation and dialogue also begins between your and your lender’s solicitors.


Upon receipt of a satisfactory valuation and the signed loan agreements, funds can be released in as little as 5-14 days from enquiry.


Who uses commercial bridging loans?


Purchase property you intend to trade from (with or without the need for refurbishment or conversion)


Purchase property you intend to rent to other businesses (with or without the need for refurbishment or conversion)
Purchase commercial property to repurpose it to residential use


Purchase commercial property and land you intend to develop and sell on or rent out


Raise funds for any purpose on equity available within commercial property you own (with or without an extant mortgage)

Commercial bridging loan criteria


Loan to value (LTV): up to 70%
100% funding is available providing you have additional security with sufficient equity
Loan amount: £26,000 to £50m
Loan term: 3 to 24 months
Interest rates from: 0.75%
Interest options: serviced, retained, rolled-up
Exit strategy: sale or refinance*
Decision: 24 hours
Completion: 10-14 days
Loans available in UK and Europe
No early repayment fees
No credit and bad credit considered
Available on first and second charges
Non-status and full status

What are commercial bridging loans used for?


Agricultural buildings
Office blocks
Retail and retail estates
Industrial premises and industrial estates
Care homes
Mixed use property (where 60% or more of the floor space is intended for commercial use)
Greenfield or brownfield sites for development
Property for change of use projects
Property in poor condition where significant value would be unlocked through refurbishment and renovation
Change of use projects


existing debt consolidation
expiring loan re-financing
finance to purchase equipment and plans
halt repossessions
HMRC tax liabilities
paying off creditors putting pressure on
probate matters
provision of working capital
stopping bankruptcy proceedings

Bridging loans for commercial property

What is a bridge loan? A bridging loan is a short-term secured loan used to:

  • fund the purchase (and renovation) of commercial property or
  • release funds from the equity in commercial property already owned by a borrower.

When you take out a commercial bridging loan, your lender takes either the first or second charge on the business or mixed-use property you offer as security.

If a borrower is unable to repay the loan on time and in full, the lender may seek to repossess that property with a view to selling it. Proceeds from the sale of the property by the lender would then be used to settle the outstanding balance on the commercial bridging loan.

Commercial property bridging loan to purchase property

Your bridging loan provider will take the first charge over the commercial property you purchase.

In cases where the building you purchase requires renovation or refurbishment when you take ownership of it, you may also wish to request that your lender advances you the money that you will need to carry out this work.

Applying for a second charge commercial bridging loan to raise funds?

If you already own commercial property and you wish to raise funds secured on the equity in that property, your lender will take a second charge.

The equity in your commercial property is the difference between its open market value and the value of any outstanding mortgage on it. For example, if you own premises worth £1,000,000 and there is an outstanding mortgage on it of £200,000, the equity in the property will be worth £800,000.

You can borrow up to 70% of the value of the property minus the outstanding mortgage balance. 70% of the value of your commercial premises, in this case, would be worth £700,000. When the outstanding mortgage balance is subtracted, this means that you will be able to request funding of up to £500,000.

How to repay a commercial bridging finance facility

When you apply for a commercial bridging loan, your lender will require you to share with them the method you intend to use to pay the loan back. This is often referred to as the “exit strategy”.

The maximum length of time you can borrow money for with a commercial bridging loan is 24 months. During that time, you make no monthly repayments to the lender unlike most other types of secured loan. Instead, your lender requires you to pay back the outstanding balance in full on or before the expiry date of the loan.

The exit strategies most frequently used on a first charge bridging loan for commercial property include:

  • securing a commercial occupier mortgage on the premises as you intend to use the property to trade from
  • securing a commercial buy-to-let mortgage as you intend to let the premises out to other businesses
  • selling the premises on the open market.


You use the proceeds from the securing of a mortgage or from the sale of the property to pay off the outstanding balance on your bridging loan account.

For second charge commercial bridging loans, standard exits include:

  • receipt of significant revenue from other sources (for example, you’re expecting a large amount of income to arrive from one or more customers)
  • money you receive in a will (or money you will receive from the sale of property received in a will)
  • the sale of another property you or your business owns
  • the sale of other investments whose value can be proven
  • arranging another form of finance to repay the balance on your bridging loan


If you wish to propose another exit strategy for either a first or second charge business loan, please get in touch with us to discuss your ideas. We’ll be able to let you know very quickly whether we are likely to find a funder willing to provide the finance you need with the approach to repayment that you suggest to us.

Apply via Redrock versus direct applications to commercial bridging finance lenders

Redrock Commercial Finance offers our customers a whole of market approach to finding and securing competitively-priced commercial bridging loans on the most favourable terms possible.

The number of lenders on our panel increases regularly as new funders enter the market. Each new funder, as with every existing funder, specialises in providing commercial bridging loans to specific market niches. This increase in the level of competition both overall and for certain types of deal has forced down the interest rates paid by borrowers in the last three years.

There has never been as many direct bridging loan funders on the market than there is now. New entrants include specialist lenders, private banks, and international financial institutions all now adding to the competition faced by the traditional lenders in this sector.

We work on a daily basis with the underwriting teams at each of the lenders on our panel and, as a result of the working relationships we have built with them, we’ll know almost instantly when you get in touch with us which of our funders are most likely to consider your request for finance favourably.

Our clients also benefit from access to bridging loans products offered by lenders who don’t accept direct applications from borrowers.

In our near decade of trading, we have not expanded our product range to include every other type of personal or commercial finance unlike many other brokers. We have focused exclusively on providing clients with the very best bridging loan and development finance packages suitable for their property projects or for their fundraising requirements.

We are absolutely confident that you will not find a better and more competitive deal faster than Redrock. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about working together to secure you the funding that you need.

Commercial bridging loan rates

The commercial bridge loan rates offered by lenders vary according to a number of different factors however the minimum monthly interest rate you should expect to pay is from 0.75%.

For an instant estimate by email of the likely monthly and overall interest charges on a facility we arrange for you, please click for our commercial bridging loan calculator.

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