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First and second charge emergency funding available for applicants in England and Wales. Decision within 24 hours.

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Bridging loans for commercial property

Borrow between £26,000 and £200,000 on the equity in your personal property or your company’s property with draw down of cash available in as little as 72 hours.

Available to individuals, limited companies, SPV limited companies, and charities in England and Wales, the Mini Bridge Emergency Loan can be used to repay debt, to settle outstanding tax liabilities, and to take advantage of business opportunities when time is of the essence.

Redrock Commercial Finance are specialists in quick turnaround secured short-term finance offering the most competitive interest rates and the most favourable terms.

Regulated emergency bridging loans are available for borrowers pledging equity from their primary residential property. Redrock Commercial Finance is an FCA-regulated bridging loan provider.

Emergency bridging loans UK from Redrock


Get in touch with us by phone or via our contact form to let us know how much you need to raise and by when.


We’ll present your request to funders most likely to accept your proposal. In principle decision within 3 hours.

Valuations & legal

Your lender will then instruct a valuation of your security. Solicitors will start engaging on the legals.


Upon receipt of a satisfactory valuation and the signed loan agreements, funds can be released in as little as 5-14 days from enquiry.


Who uses emergency bridging loans?


stamp duty liabilities
general tax liabilities
debt consolidation purposes
stopping of repossessions or bankruptcy
probate issue
overdrawn director’s loan accounts


working capital
corporation tax payments
PAYE payments
carbon emissions payments
VAT payments
investment in plant and machinery
unexpected expenditure
investment in a time-sensitive opportunity

Emergency bridging loan criteria


Loan to value (LTV): Flexible and depends on security offered
Loan amount: £26,000-£200,000
Loan term: up to 24 months
Interest rates from 0.75%
Exit strategy: sale or refinance*
Interest options: retained
Loan available in England & Wales
Decision: Immediate
Offer within 24 hours
Available on first and second charges

Why apply for an emergency bridging loan?


Prevention of bankruptcy or a repossession
VAT loans – use a VAT loan to pay off an impending VAT bill
Loan for corporation tax – corporation tax bills often land at quieter points of the business cycle
Stamp duty loans UK – use a bridging loan to settle a stamp duty tax liability to HMRC
Inheritance tax loan – sometimes an asset bequeathed to you may not be liquidated in time to make payment to HMRC
Loans to pay other business taxes – including PAYE and carbon emissions programs
Investment in another business
Deposits for commercial leases
Involvement in an unexpected legal dispute
Payments made as a result of a loss in a tribunal
Make payment to a supplier where certainty of supply is threatened due to outstanding debt
Probate issues
Re-financing of an existing bridging loan

Bridging loans to cover emergencies

What is a bridge loan? You can use a bridging loan to release some or all of the equity available in any residential, mixed-use, or commercial property you own for a period of up to 24 months. With an emergency bridging loan, you may be able to draw down the funds in as little as 3 days from enquiry

Taking out an emergency bridging loan to pay a tax bill

Nearly one in five bridging loans taken out in the UK are used to provide funding to borrowers when it’s urgently needed. Many use the money released from the equity in their property to settle a due or outstanding tax liability to HMRC.

An emergency bridging loan to pay inheritance tax

Many people who are the beneficiaries of a will are understandably concerned about finding the money they need to pay the inheritance tax they owe on property and other assets they have been bequeathed. The time required to make payment of inheritance tax is short and finding the money is often further complicated if a beneficiary is having trouble liquidating the asset or assets they now own.

VAT finance

Many business owners apply for a VAT bridging loan when they believe that settling an upcoming or overdue VAT bill will severely affect their cash flow to such an extent that the viability of their company will be threatened.

Most VAT bills are equivalent to three to four weeks’ of a company’s entire turnover and, if revenue in the weeks preceding a VAT payment due date is lower than normal, making full payment on time may be very difficult.

A VAT loan facility may offer you the breathing space that you need. With a business VAT loan, you have up to 2 years to repay the facility reducing the immediate pressure on your company’s cash flow.

To speak with a member of the Redrock team about a VAT bill loan for your company, call us on 020 3780 7610 or click here for our contact form.

Corporation tax loan

You can apply for a corporation tax bridging loan if you believe that you will experience difficulty in paying a forthcoming or overdue corporation tax bill.

You can pay back the loan over 2 years - corporation tax bank loan interest rates start from just 0.75%. You pay no additional corporation tax loan arrangement fees when arranging this facility through Redrock.

For more information on corporation tax loans, call us on 020 3780 7610 or click here for our contact form.

Stamp duty loan

If you’re under pressure by a seller to purchase their property and they’re threatening to withdraw even though you’ve not yet sold your original property yet, you may wish to consider applying for a stamp duty bridging loan.

Even though you intend this property to be the place you live in, HMRC will class the transaction as the purchase of a non-primary residence because you still own your original property. It will therefore attract a higher rate of stamp duty – use an emergency bridging loan to pay the higher stamp duty owed and repay the loan when you apply for a refund from HMRC when your original property is sold.

Settling your director’s loan account

An overdrawn director’s loan account bridging loan may be suitable if you are unlikely to be able to repay debt you owe to your company prior to the filing of your CT600 form with HMRC.

You will be required to pay 32.5% tax on any overdrawn director’s account at this point and, although you will receive that tax back when the director’s loan is settled, you may have to wait up to two years to get it back.

If you are concerned that your business may be facing solvency issues or if you are due to sell your company to a third-party, there may be distinct financial advantages to using an emergency bridging loan to clear the deficit.

Please take advice from your accountant on the best way to proceed with an overdrawn director’s account prior to contacting Redrock especially if you’re considering using the equity in your primary residential property as security on a bridging loan.

For information on a bridging loan to settle your overdrawn director’s loan account, call us on 020 3780 7610 or click here for our contact form.

Applying for an emergency personal bridging loan

The most frequently occurring reasons for an emergency bridging loan received by the Redrock team include but are not limited to:

  • the payment of arrears to third parties
  • debt consolidation purposes
  • prevention of bankruptcy or a repossession
  • probate issues
  • re-bridging (the replacement of a bridging loan whose term is about to expire with a new bridging loan)
  • investment in a business opportunity

If you wish to apply for an emergency personal bridging loan for another reason, please give us a call. We’re also able to work with borrowers with bad credit or no credit history.

To apply for an emergency loan, call us on 020 3780 7610 or click here for our contact form.

Apply for a small business emergency bridge loan

We offer a fast-turnaround emergency business loan service via our small business emergency bridge loan program. Please contact us letting us know how much you need to raise, the purpose for the funding, and the security that you’re able to offer the lender.

Start your emergency business loan application by calling us on 020 3780 7610 or click here for our contact form.

Emergency loan interest rates

Emergency bridge loan rates start from 0.75% - following contact, we should be able to let you know the name of the lender we recommend for you within 3 hours as well as the likely interest rate you’ll pay on the loan.

For an indication of the monthly and overall interest payments on an emergency bridging loan, please click for our emergency bridging loan calculator.

Emergency bridging loans – get a quote

To speak with us about an emergency bridging loan, please call us on 020 3780 7610 or click here for our contact form.